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What we do : Insulation


At Abode we recognise that not all old homes were built with the knowledge we have now about home insulation.

Spray-on insulation gives the best results for cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. This is similar to expanding foam but comes in two separate tanks which are mixed on-site and sprayed directly onto the desired surface.

Insulating foam sprayed onto the underside of roof tiles not only insulates, but fixes the tiles in place and prevents slippage – perfect for roofs which are past their prime. The foam can be sprayed between beams and joists, which greatly reduces the time to do the job when compared to traditional insulating methods.

The same product can also be injected into existing cavity walls, drastically reducing heat loss in the winter and heat retention in the summer.

We can also supply and fit more common types of home insulation:
Underfloor insulation – Tyvek and Celotex
Traditional loft and roof insulation – Thermafleece Ecoroll 

What our clients say:

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